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Choosing a Mixed Martial arts gym that’s right for you can be tough.  Especially if you’re primarily searching over the Internet.


One of our goals at the Midwest Training Center is to provide a safe, positive, atmosphere for our teammates.  Another goal is to provide top level coaching for all levels of our classes.  Your safety & growth is important to us.


We’ve been fortunate to have some great, talented, people train at our gym.  Including some that have fought in the UFC™, Strikeforce™ & Bellator™!  We’ve also had people that have no interest in fighting but they signed up with us because they want to get fit and learn self-defense.


Please take a look at some of our reviews below.  If you decide you want to take advantage of our offer for a “Free Week of Training” then please contact us at 847-310-1200 or click the button below.

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“Midwest Training Center gave me the skills and the confidence to compete at the highest levels of mixed martial arts. I believe their training system, staff, and facility are world class and was instrumental in building my career.”

Clay Guida (Former Strikeforce lightweight Champion, WEC and UFC vet)

“I’ve known Alex for a while, we used to train together way back in the day. He has some really solid skills. All his guys are very tough. I think any fighter would be lucky to have a guy like him in their corner.”

Quinton Rampage Jackson (Former UFC light Heavyweight Champion and former Pride star)

“Alex is the most successful Jiu-Jitsu black belt instructor that I have graduated working in MMA today. His team and their success in Mixed Martial Arts are incredible for such a young coach! I am very proud and honored to have him as one of my Black Belts under Brazilian Top Teams flag. His understanding of the game and attention to transitions between striking, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu are the secret to his style of coaching.”

Juliano Prado (Brazilian Top Team BJJ Black Belt and MMA fighter)

Any time I’m in the Chicago area I’m training at MTC. It’s like one tough guy after another in there! Some high level striking and grappling in that place on any given day. Awesome gym, great staff, and solid training. What more can you ask for?

Ryan Jensen (UFC, Strikeforce vet)

“Alex has some pretty slick jiu-jitsu. I like the way his game cross’s over into MMA. I’ve added and used techniques I was taught while training with Alex and these were game changing moves both in the Cage during fights and on the mat in practice.”

Razor Rob McCullough (Former WEC lightweight Champion and Dream vet)

“MTC has been my home for my entire MMA career. Their training system was the foundation for my fighting style that led me to every local championship and title within the tristate area and eventually to the WEC!”

John Hosman (XFO, Extreme Challenge, Gladiators Fighting, and C3 Bantamweight champion and WEC vet)

“The Midwest Training Center is more than just a gym, its a family. The staff and training partners there are a great group of guys! From my first amateur fight all the way up to my UFC debut training at MTC was what made it all possible!”

Mike Lullo (UFC vet)

Teammate Reviews

Tina Gomez MTC Testimonial

“Since joining MTC I’m a completely different fighter, mentally, physically & emotionally. I’m more calm in the cage. I’m very aware of what’s going on in the situation. I can hear my coaches and I love it.”
-Tina Gomez (Amateur MMA Fighter out of MTC)

Asef Askar MTC Testimonial

“I wasn’t skeptical about joining MTC because I came in and tried it free for a week.  After two days of training I came in and told coach Alex that this is where I want to be.” -Asef Askar (Amateur MMA Fighter out of MTC)

Stan Gavia MTC Testimonial

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu calms me down. It gives me a well placed, place, to put my energy. Somedays I have a bad day just like everybody and I come to MTC and the comraderie with these guys is just amazing to me. I come in with a bad attitude and I leave feeling great and in a way better mood. It’s just an amazing place and I’m glad I found it.”  – Stan Gavia (Professional MMA Fighter & MTC Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach)

Shelby Hungness MTC Testimonial

“My first impression when I came here is that this is a big gym. It’s a whole new world and a whole new level of training and I was ready for it. I’m proud of how much I’ve improved here. At first I felt like my dreams weren’t within my reach but now they are and I’m excited about what’s to come.” -Shelby Hungness (Amateur MMA Fighter out of MTC)

Sultan Umar MTC Testimonial

“My first impression when I came to MTC was just how amazing Coach Al was. He’s a down to earth guy and made me feel welcome. The thing I like about MTC the most is the atmosphere. The guys leave their egos at the door. We come in here, we get to learn in a fun, family, atmosphere.”  –Sultan Umar (Pro MMA Fighter out of MTC)

Bill Mitchell MTC Testimonial

“My first impression of MTC was that there were a lot of skilled guys and I didn’t know how I was going to be received, being the new guy here, but I came in and they welcomed me with open arms and taught me a bunch of great things and got me on my way.” -Bill Mitchell (Amateur MMA Fighter out of MTC)

Kevin Switalla MTC Testimonial

“What do I like about MTC? The classes are getting better. The athletes coming in are getting better. It’s cool to see the progression of our team. All levels come here. You’re going to get the same treatment and it’s great treatment.” -Kevin Switalla (Professional MMA fighter out of MTC)

Marceia Allen MTC Testimonial

“I sold my business in South Dakota so I could move here and train at MTC. My first impression when I came to MTC was it felt like home. Everybody here is like family. There’s no question that I made the right decision.”  -Marceia Allen (Pro MMA Fighter out of MTC)

John Sanchez MTC Testimonial

“What I like about MTC is they have really good sparring partners. It’s more realistic. You really learn and get a feel for what it really is to train as a professional fighter.” – John Sanchez (Amateur MMA fighter out of MTC)